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Borut Battestin  

Anja Tratnjek  
managing director

Tine Kernc  
property management and supervision

ABA Holding

ABA is a family-owned business whose beginnings date back to 1987. Initially, the company was in real estate brokerage business, which makes the company the first and oldest still active realtor in Slovenia, and a few years later the operation expanded to include new construction and other engineering projects. In three decades, we successfully finished projects in a wide range of industry segments.

With professionals from different fields, we create a diverse network of partners, with which we’re able to develop comprehensive engineering solutions for a wide range of industries. As an established engineering company, we focus on the Slovenian property and real estate sector, building and construction, financial consulting, fulfilling the needs of private investors, the development of new technological solutions, energy and logistics. Our trained team of experts who understand the needs of our clients works on an integrated set of services which led the company to completion of many successful projects that we are proud of. Continuous improvement of the quality of service is one of the cornerstones of our business policy, with which we ensure in the long run the fulfillment of requirements and achievement of business results, which altogether increase the confidence of customers, employees and the business environment in our company.

Dozens of completed projects, the constant financial growth, and 30-year tradition of the company prove that our decisions are correct, our goals are set meaningfully, and the risks assessed properly.




Our company’s logo is a registered trademark. Three decades ago, it was designed by renowned Slovenian architect Jože Motoh. Over time, the logo had been adapted in detail, color shape and position, but its basic characteristics have always been preserved, and thus the logo today represents an established professional company in the field of real estate engineering. In recent years, the logo obtained more modern revisions, but we have remained loyal to the brand it represents.




We can completely support you through the whole process, from the land purchase, optimisation of the project, agreements with problematic matters (neighbors, parties to proceedings, administrative units )  , building permit procedure, finding the right construction partner, construction supervision, management,  operating permit and sales of the units.

Land purchase – revision of the established documents (legal documents, construction permit and overview of the situation of infrastructure lines, check of municipality and master plans, resolving problems with potential clients/neighbours during the whole process, etc.)

Construction – obtaining offers from the potential construction companies, revision of the offers, negotiations, construction contract and timeline

Start of the project – preparation of the site/plot, obtaining infrastructure approvals for the start of construction, ensuring safety standards and construction waste management

Construction management – coordination between investor, construction company and supervisor, supervisory of the project, resolving all kind of project situations

Sales – obtaining general terms of sale, sales contracts, advertising, preparation of sale material (catalogues, web pages) Facebook advertisement

History of ABA

Aba d.o.o. is a family-owned business with beginnings back in 1987’s, founded by Alenka Battestin. Mother and wife who devoted all their energy to family and business.
After nearly three decades in business, son Borut Battestin ( 2-generation ) took over the company and the ABA engineering brand, starting his business early in the company and helping to develop and build the company’s projects. To this day, I proudly say, “My father and mother were my greatest mentors and associates, from whom I learned a great deal in project development and construction.”

ABA Company is also member of FBN Network ( Family Business Network ). The Family Business Network is the world’s leading organization of business families. FBN brings together 4,000 business families from all over the world.

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