Property Management & Maintenance

If the property has more than two owners and more than eight separate parts, the owners must designate a trusted manager and establish a reserve fund to cover maintenance costs and future improvements to common spaces.

Aba is a reliable provider of management and maintenance services for residential and commercial buildings, apartment blocks, tourist capacities, exterior, and all other facilities. Our regular management services include:

Organizational and administrative tasks

  • keeping records of owners and tenants,
  • keeping records of proprietary and common spaces,
  • at least annual organizing a meeting of owners,
  • coordinating, monitoring and ensuring the implementation of the decisions taken and informing the owners,
  • concluding contracts on behalf and for the account of owners and facilitating access to contracts concluded with third parties for the execution of projects and building maintenance,
  • supervision over the execution of servicing, maintenance work and cleaning,
  • collecting and transmitting the data necessary for the buildings cadastre,
  • reporting on changes in ownership to the respective authorities,
  • drawing up an annual report on the work of the manager.

Technical and professional tasks

  • building review and assessment of necessary maintenance work or renovation,
  • creating a maintenance plan for a period of one to five years,
  • drawing up a schedule of execution of the plan with an estimation of the maintenance costs,
  • collection of quotes, offers, price lists, estimates,
  • production of performance reports,
  • issuing orders for maintenance works of a lower value,
  • obtaining appropriate approvals and permits for performing maintenance work,
  • preparation and conclusion of contracts for the implementation of major maintenance works and long-term contracts for servicing joint installations,
  • professional supervision in the execution of works,
  • elimination of errors during the warranty period,
  • the organization of the tasks necessary for the execution of inspection decisions,
  • organization of emergency maintenance interventions,
  • the resolution of insurance claims and organization of the repairs.

Financial, accounting and bookkeeping tasks

  • keeping track of received invoices (formal control and bookkeeping),
  • determination of financial obligations, distribution of costs,
  • accounting for receivables and monitoring of payments,
  • concluding contracts,
  • payment of invoices (identification of received payments and payment of suppliers’ accounts),
  • reminding of debtors and collection of charges,
  • production of financial reports and information for property owners.
  • representation of property owners in judicial and administrative matters,
  • providing documentation to lawyers for carrying out procedures before administrative authorities and the court,
  • legal aid and advice relating to management of common spaces, installations and building land,
  • preparation of contract for the execution of works,
  • preparation of lease contracts for shared spaces,
  • submission of proposals and actions for judicial recovery of outstanding commitments,
  • filing an exclusionary claim on behalf of the floor owners.

Reserve fund maintenance

  • computation of the monthly contribution to the reserve fund,
  • management of the reserve fund in a separate bank account.

In addition, we offer

  • on-line billing program,
  • manager presence at all meetings to which they are invited,
  • equal treatment of contractors proposed by property owners,
  • permanent telephone availability,
  • contractual prohibition of any incidental earnings from managing your facility,
  • contractual ban of the purchase of claims on your suppliers and suppliers,
  • management of your building with care and in accordance with best business practices.

Replacement of the building manager

How to replace the building manager you are unhappy with? To replace a warden, you need only a consent of the majority of property owners by property share. We can take care of everything else. Contact us through the form below.

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